Atra Plastics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atra Plastics, Inc. in China. Atra Plastics, Inc. engages in the manufacturing of plastics interior and exterior appliqués for luxury cars, e.g. wood grain pattern, metal texture pattern, etc., having customers worldwide. From September 2004, Atra expanded its business in China with the hold that plastic interior and exterior appliqués would be popular in China auto markets.   



Plastic appliqués can be traced back to the 1970s, but were only applied in the replacement of real wood then, technically called in-mold appliqué. This process is simple, no need of painting and drying, and keeps luster for a long time.


Due to the advancement of the quality standards of automotive manufacturing & environment requirements, and due more to the customer’s taste improvement and customers becoming picker about colors and patterns, the traditional process can no longer satisfy customer’s needs. Meanwhile, with the development of plastics material and technique, in-mold appliqués’ prices are lower than traditional ones. In-mold appliqués can not only realize the real wood effect, but also can create the metal texture impression which traditional process can’t make.  

    The appearance of in-mold appliqué not only realizes the dream of auto decorative designers, but also brings more options to people pursuing individuality. If you want to change the color, pattern or gloss of the interior and exterior appliqués of automotives, you only need to change the film rather than the molding material or tooling.

  The appearance of in-mold appliqué can also achieve the impression of metal and plated parts, like interior and exterior metal decorative parts on automotives. In recent years, metal interior decorations have gradually replaced the traditional wood grain decorations and in-mold appliqué is the only solution because of its gloss, pattern and convex 3D impression (first time appeared in November 2004).
  In-mold appliqué makes great contributions to environment protection, since it neither discharges waste water like traditional process nor does it have the painting or drying process which would pollute the air and hurt the workers.


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